Dead Rabbit Adventuring Company


The PCs are include the best and brightest the Dead Rabbits have to offer. Eaking out a living in the warrens upon Hospice island, the characters are attempting to bring power and prestige to themselves and their clan mates.


Most members of the company must be Gobbers. Those that are not are still considered members of the clan and have been with them for years. Each member of the company must have at least one of the following careers: Alchemist, Cutthroat, Duelist, Field Mechanik, Guttersnipe, Highwayman, Investigator, Spy, or Thief. The players in the group should designate one member of the company to be the boss. The boss then designates an underboss.


The company begins he game with the warrens as a base of operations, the warrens are equipped with a scrapyard and apothecary. This allows for easy restocking of alchemists kits and mechanik’s tool kits. The Clan consists of about 2 to 3 dozen gobbers who are constantly in and around the warrens. These gobbers are loyal to the Dead Rabbits and will notify the PCs if they notice rival gangs, or the law hanging around.

The Boss gains the Natural Leader ability whether or not he meets the prerequisites.

Additionally, Each character created as a member of the company begins with Language (Five Cant) and their choice of Gang or M.O.P.P Dance!

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Dead Rabbit Adventuring Company

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