Dead Rabbit Warrens


The Dead Rabbits are a small warren of Gobbers living in, and operating out of cliffside caverns on the north eastern side of Hospice Island. The Dead Rabbits run an apothecary and scrap yard out of their warrens. They have also been known to help with fishing and demolisher work, and the occasional snatch and grab is not unheard of.

The Warrens consist mostly of an old prison complex dating back to the Orgoth occupation. The shell of the prison building still remains, though the roof and interior walls have long since fallen. What remains is a hollow stone rectangle with a floor littered with scrap metal and steamjack parts. Smoke from underground forges and fires seep out of cracks and holes in the floor. A pair of rusted iron doors allows entry into to the building. The stairs leading into the ground have been carved into ramps and widened to ease the use of Steamjacks. Over the years many tunnels and chambers have been added as others have fallen into disuse and irrepair.

Aside from the main entrance in the old prison, there are many other points of entry into the warren. Most of which empty out into the sewer system, or out onto the cliffs under Broken Channel Bridge. Most of the hallways, tunnels, and cells in the old complex have been converted with a raised floor, at about 4 feet of height. In the originally 8 and 9 foot hallways, this doubles the space available and significantly reduces the options of “visitors”. The main exception being main tunnels of entry and exit, as well as the main dining area, which is being used as a scrapyard and apothecary.

Players in this campaign will be able to choose to play in the Dead Rabbit Adventuring Company if they so choose.

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Dead Rabbit Warrens

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