Five Fingered Discount

I hate this place

Five Fingers is a cesspool. Sure, some people may say its “a wonderful city of opportunity” or “there’s so much you can do here!” or some other bullshit happy go lucky piece of trite fluff…. But its a gods be damned cesspool.

Sure, you can do whatever you MorrowBlast please, there’s no taxes, there’s (most of the time) no guards, and no motherlovin “A ris To Crates” to bother you. What there is though are fees. You want to rob that stupid squib banker? Pay the fee to the local boss, pay the fee for larceny approval, then split the freaking take 60/40 with the local blightrubbing High be damned Captain.

You run a job and take 300 gold yer lucky to walk away with 30. Do they care if you eat swill and sleep in shit? Naw, they’re too busy sleeping on emeralds sucking dream dust off of a Doxies bits and wiping up with gold leaf. Life sucks here when your on the bottom, but hey maybe tomorrow will be my lucky break.


Ronmeyer12 Ronmeyer12

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