Five Fingered Discount

The adventure... begins?

The slightly askew beginning

The game begins with the party drinking in one of their favorite taverns The Rusty Nail. The party gleefully robbed an ogrun, tried to make a rotten plum cocktail, and negotiated a deal with a wily Mage hunter before finally attempting to rob a paranoid greybeard of his treasure. Sensing that trouble was about to begin, Ozzy went outside to gather the steamjacks for a fast getaway only to discover that a Cryx Battleforce was surrounding the Inn with noone else in view!


As Ozzy was about to yell a warning one of the party attempted to distract the greybeard with cards in his face. To which Drask responded by shooting him in the face. The Cryxian then raised a pistol and fired a rune shot into Drask forcing him to open a tear in the air and stumble through. With nowhere else to go the group followed and gained access to what they had wanted from the beginning.


The Party then attempted to leave and found themselves in a battle with another necromancer. After handily defeating her Minions the Necromancer fled, leaving the field to the party.


Ronmeyer12 Ronmeyer12

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