Ultra Light Armor

Dueling Gambeson:

This light padded shirt is used primarily for practice fighting with practice swords.
Cost: 5gc DEF: 0 ARM: 2

Leather Girdle/Corset:

This large accessory is made of supple leather and it’s primary use is to protect the kidneys and internal organs below the ribcage. It’s supple enough to not interfere with movement, but strong enough to provide a small amount of protection.
Cost: 15gc DEF: 0 ARM: 3

Reinforced Leather Coat:

Though it looks like a normal Great Coat, this leather garment is tailored specifically to the wearer and reinforced in all the right places.
Special: Wearing a Reinforced Leather Coat tailored to someone else incurs a -1 DEF penalty.
Cost: 100gc Def: 0 ARM: 5

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Ultra Light Armor

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